There are hundreds if not thousands of blogs being registered daily. However, not many people have a strong idea on how to start a blog and earn money from it. The act of creating a blog is a relatively simple however the challenge is found in making your blog popular with readers and this takes time and commitment! For any site to be successful unique content needs to be made available on a regular basis so you’ll be doing a lot of writing!

In this article we will quickly go over the best way for how to start a blog in order to make money blogging, as well as reveal one of the most lucrative ways to fast-track your online success.

How to Start a Blog – Easy Step-By-Step Guide

For anybody considering launching their own site here are 9 things you’ll need to seriously consider before your start blogging!

1. Decide what to blog about

When you are starting anything online, you need to do a research to have an idea of what your result will be. When you are starting your blogging business, you will want to research your niche. The easiest way is to look into your interest, magazines and best-selling list.

When you have your niche, it is recommended that you build your blog on the sub-niche. Let’s say your niche is relationship, maybe you can blog about husband and wife relationship. You will be more focus in your blog post and you blog will seem more professional rather than posting everything about relationship.

2. What’s Your Objective?

Do you plan to make your blog one where you share your passion freely with others of do you want to earn an income? It is important to know this ahead of time so you can determine how you intend to monetize your platform. Either way you choose to go you’ll still need to offer up plenty of interesting and unique content to attract readers since their loyalty is the best way to measure your success! Besides even if reader loyalty isn’t a concern of yours why would you want to put so much effort into research and writing when nobody is reading what you wrote?

3. Pick a domain name

Your blog name does play it parts when comes to ranking high in search engine result page (SERP). So, see that your main keyword is incorporated into your blog name.

For the husband and wife relationship sub-niche you just chosen, guideforthemarried.com seems to tell what you are offering in your blog.

4. Select the Appropriate Platform

The primary thing you need to do to begin is to search for the perfect blogging platform. If you are an unpracticed web designer or blogger, you are in an ideal situation with easy to use blogging sites like Tumblr, WordPress or Blogger. These incorporate web subjects and designs that you might promptly utilize, and posting an article is truly entirely straightforward. If you have a site, there are favorable circumstances with a specific end goal of introducing an online journal there as well. To end up an effective blogger, you must use the maximum capacity of your platform.

5. Find an affordable WordPress blog host plan

While you can start and host your own WordPress blog for free, hosting it independently with a company you can trust has a number of advantages you cannot ignore. Finding an affordable

WordPress blog host plan is important to your continued growth and technical support. When you break free from a basic free account with the site itself, you are opening up a new world that allows you to build a brand that you can be proud of at a pace you can afford.

6. Optimize your blog

When you are optimizing your blog, remember that you are doing it for the search engines and your readers. So, choose 2-3 keyword phrases about husband and wife relationship and write your post around them. This will then help to get your blog listed in the SERP.

Optimizing your blog for search engines will only get your blog rank high in SERP. Still, your readers are the real people who help you to make money with blog. They are the one who click on your advertisement and buy your affiliate product.

When viewers see you are forcing your keywords into your posts and made it sound unnatural, they will not come back to you again. When that happens, you will fail miserably in your blogging business.

7. Monetizing your blog

When you are done with optimizing your blog, it is time you build some affiliate link to your blog post. Find your product from the affiliate program network and promote them in your blog.

When you are looking for your affiliate product, look for one that gives code for banners too. You will want to put some of these banners in your sidebar so that your blog look more interesting. However, you need to be careful when you are putting banners on your blog because too much of them can distract your viewers’ attention.

8. Learn how to promote your site

Never forget that the general style of your blog must be interesting and welcoming. Additionally, make sure that the configuration is basic yet welcoming. In the event that you have enough time, consider exploring different avenues regarding distinctive plans or pick an expert to outline the site for you. Learning how to start a blog will take you time and you must also have the urge to learn and to never stop learning, because your role will never stop when the site is up and view-able to the readers. There must be a constant update of new and timely posts to entice the readers to drop by over and over again.

9. Have your blog circulate throughout the web

Finally, your success on how to start a blog and earn from it, you have to understand that it ought to work together with online networking. To do this, you have to allow your blog entries to get to your online networking records like Twitter and Facebook. Numerous standard stages like Tumblr and Blogger offer this kind of highlight. In any case, you shouldn’t stop there. See to it that you effectively embrace your blog and website articles to these networking websites.

When creating a blog people need to consider the long term commitment it will take if making your blog popular with others is your objective! The very core of your success will stem from creating interesting and unique content and this alone will take the majority of your time and effort! The discussion above focuses on 9 aspects on how to start a blog as well as what you’ll definitely need to consider even before you start blogging if you’re serious about your goals! Being a blogger can be and is an awful lot of fun but only if you make the right choices and commit yourself before you actually start blogging!